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New Angry Birds prepaid debit card to quench public’s thirst for Angry Birds-themed products

There’s a new Angry Birds prepaid debit card! This is great news for people who are unsatisfied with the current quantity of Angry Birds merchandise available in the United States. Note that this card is a Kaiku card which, as we’ve noted previously, has some … Continue reading

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Citizens Bank offers a 6.4% interest rate guaranteed for six years!

Via Hustler Money Blog, we learn of an intriguing deal: the Citizens Bank CollegeSaver. It’s a savings account (but not a 529, mind you) to help save for college, or anything else your child might want to blow his money … Continue reading

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What’s wrong with the investment industry? Also: triple your Amex fun, and free doughnuts

IT’S NOT YOU, IT’S THE INDUSTRY: Barry Ritholtz has a nice summary of what’s wrong with the investing industry. We really don’t have anything to add, so without further ado here’s Barry: • Simplicity does not pay well: Investing should be … Continue reading

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Has Amex finally caught on to gift card churning? Also, some great office supply store sales

WE’LL BELIEVE IT WHEN WE SEE IT: FatwalletFinance poster RedCelicaGT recently posted a letter he received from Amex detailing changes in the terms and conditions of its rewards program. Among the verbiage: Eligible purchases [for rewards] do NOT include: – purchases … Continue reading

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