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The best credit card for gas purchases is no more… who’s the new champion?

AMAZON HAS $5 FOR YOU: Via Maximizing Money, here’s a nice little Amazon promotion: send a friend a gift card worth $1 or more and you’ll receive a $5 Amazon card. A couple of catches: you have to connect via … Continue reading

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6 months of Amazon Prime for free! Plus Wells Fargo is getting ready for a credit card push

ON A PERSONAL NOTE: Last night, I was supposed to fly from LaGuardia to Charlotte via USAir when my flight was cancelled shortly before boarding. They directed everybody to the special services counter where a 100-person line instantly formed. Rather … Continue reading

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New Pointbreaks, a possibly-expiring credit card offer, a Bitcoin prepaid card, and a first-class ticket for $350

DON’T FORGET: My Nobel Prize-winning book, which has also been nominated for three Academy Awards, a Golden Globe, a Grammy, a Pulitzer, and an ESPY, is available free¬†on Amazon until roughly midnight PST tonight. If you don’t download it, then … Continue reading

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Google Wallet is pretty neat, but ApplePay is coming soon

I’ve tried out Google Wallet a bit, and I like it. The primary virtue is that it’s a lot less cumbersome to use than Amazon Payments. If I borrow $20 and want to pay it back, it is literally no … Continue reading

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