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More new credit card offers! Plus some awful advice from Slate

WELCOME BACK, HUNTINGTON BANK: It’s been 14 years, but Huntington Bank is once again issuing credit cards. It’s called Voice from Huntington, and according to the WSJ, only existing retail customers are eligible to receive one. So is the card worth … Continue reading

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$5 Amazon coupon, daycare loans, and Trader Joe’s arbitrage

$5 OFF $25 AT AMAZON: Amazon has a $5/$25 Facebook promotion for anybody who’s interested. A COUPLE OF SLICKDEALS: One GB of extra Dropbox storage for free, plus Staples has some more good deals this week. One poster has figured out … Continue reading

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Supreme Court rules for textbook arbitrageurs! Also: the worst graduate school in the world

THE WORST GRADUATE SCHOOL IN THE WORLD:Congratulations, Columbia Journalism School! You’re the winner of the Personal Finance Digest Worst Graduate School in the World Award. The cost of the school’s one-year degree is $84,000, which includes a whopping $58,000 in … Continue reading

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Graduate degrees don’t guarantee you anything, and Dave Ramsey’s bad advice

Ever since we were kids, there’s been a perception that this country isn’t producing enough engineers and scientists. Do the data bear this out? On the contrary, the data would seem to suggest we’re producing too many. The Atlantic reports on … Continue reading

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