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Wells Fargo Amex news, Priceline 2% Visa not 100% Dead, and a Hilton 50K offer

A BLOG WORTH CHECKING OUT: I recently had the pleasure of discovering Travel Blogger Buzz, an enjoyable and occasionally hilarious collection of links and commentary from around the travel blogosphere. If you’re looking for new and interesting stuff, or if … Continue reading

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Get 1% back on a no-fee balance transfer! Plus the demise of a 14% rewards card, and some Euro credit card advice

1% CASH BACK ON BALANCE TRANSFERS: The Barclaycard Ring is offering 1% back on balance transfers for the first 60 days (note: this is not an affiliate offer of mine) and no balance transfer fees. Is this a good deal? The answer is … Continue reading

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Corporate synergy (or, how to save a lot of money on baby stuff)

(Note: those of you without babies, read on–this may still be useful to you.) Something I recently found out: the Buy Buy Baby chain–pretty much the same thing as Babies “R” Us–is owned by Bed, Bath, and Beyond, which I suppose … Continue reading

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How to earn air miles without an annual fee. And free apps from Apple!

HOW TO EARN AIR MILES WITHOUT AN ANNUAL FEE: This Flyertalk thread alerted me to something interesting: it’s actually possible to earn miles from several different airlines at a respectable rate without paying an annual fee. The key is the … Continue reading

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