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How to double your sign-up bonuses… and free money from Amex

IT DEPENDS ON WHAT THE DEFINITION OF ‘PRODUCT’ IS: Most credit card companies will only let you have one of any card product at any given time, but those of you who went to law school should be asking, “What … Continue reading

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740 is the new 36-24-36, plus get $125 of Chase’s hard-earned money

HOW *YOU* DOIN’?: If the New York Times is to be believed–and we’re not merely being rhetorical with our use of that ‘if’–then it is no longer merely banks who use your credit score to size you up. Along with … Continue reading

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Treat banks like livestock! Plus, the British Airways 100K offer is back

WHY BANKS ARE LIKE FARM ANIMALS: Friend and PFD reader Dave recently wrote us detailing some issues he’d had with B of A providing subpar service on his debit card. The details aren’t important, but suffice it to say that … Continue reading

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