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Plink is worth a look, and so is a certain Bank of America business card

IS PLINK REPUTABLE?: “Is Plink reputable?” is a search query that led some anonymous stranger to this blog yesterday. In my experience, Plink–a service that lets you get extra rewards in exchange for your credit card data–is quite reputable and … Continue reading

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$175 from B of A, $100 from Suntrust, and 40,000 ThankYou Points from Citibank

$175 BONUS FOR A B OF A CREDIT CARD: Via MaximizingMoney, you can get $175 cash back when you’re approved for an American Bar Association-cobranded BankAmericard. $175 isn’t amazing, but given the paucity of great sign-up bonuses from Bank of America … Continue reading

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More new credit card offers! Plus some awful advice from Slate

WELCOME BACK, HUNTINGTON BANK: It’s been 14 years, but Huntington Bank is once again issuing credit cards. It’s called Voice from Huntington, and according to the WSJ, only existing retail customers are eligible to receive one. So is the card worth … Continue reading

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This week’s Staples deals, how to cancel a Citi card, and a great deal for members of the military

THIS WEEK’S STAPLES DEALS: The back-to-school onslaught continues! Courtesy of Slickdeals. 12-pack Staples #2 Pencils $0.25 4oz Staples School Glue $0.25 5-pack Paper Mate Sharpwriter 0.7mm Mechanical Pencils $0.25 12-pack Staples Pink Cap Erasers $0.25 100-pack Staples Paper Clips $0.25 Slider Pencil Case $0.25 4-pack 0.26oz Staples … Continue reading

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