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25% Staples rewards, 6 money-saving scripts, and 1-900-PROFITS

25% BACK IN STAPLES REWARDS: Here’s a coupon. It expires today, September 4. Exclusions apply, of course. AMEX JET BLUE CARD BONUS UP TO 20,000 POINTS: Thanks to Frugal Travel Guy for bringing to my attention the fact that the … Continue reading

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Free light bulbs, easy money in medical experiments, and a stock at 1X earnings

FREE LIGHT BULBS FROM DUKE ENERGY: Duke Energy is giving away free CFL light bulbs for some reason. I signed up yesterday and the website informed me that a shipment of 15 light bulbs is headed my way. Duke Energy … Continue reading

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The housing bubble is back, baby!

Remember how real estate prices got crazy in the mid- to late- 2000′s and then crashed? Remember how there was some nasty fallout from that and we all learned a good lesson and figured that the next real estate bubble … Continue reading

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Duke Energy PremierNotes: An awful, awful product

IF YOU HAVE EXTRA MONEY, DUKE ENERGY WOULD LIKE SOME OF IT: We don’t even remember how, but in the course of our internet wanderings we came upon this page┬ápromoting something called Duke Energy PremierNotes. This is a utility company … Continue reading

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