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A gravy train ends, responding to a cease and desist letter, and–for some reason–gnomes

NO MORE FUNDING CD’S WITH A CC AT NWFCU: A sort-of-well-known-but-not-too-well-known gravy train has ended: Northwest Federal Credit Union has stopped letting people fund large amounts of CD deposits with credit cards. This particular trick has been spoken of in … Continue reading

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I’ve got you covered for National Doughnut Day! Plus zero taxes and rising mortgage rates.

Friday, June 7, is National Doughnut Day, which I’m pretty sure is just something concocted by the Doughnut Lobby to get us to buy more doughnuts, but whatever. I love doughnuts. Here are three free doughnut options for you on … Continue reading

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Forbes has a big scoop, and Wells Fargo scores a fatality

OH NOES!!!!!: Forbes has a big scoop: Many people who have attempted to utilize frequent-flier miles to obtain free or upgraded travel in the past few years, and who had also done so years earlier, have experienced tremendous inflation. Even … Continue reading

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Churning mortgages for fun and profit

There’s a thread over at Fatwallet which, though sparsely commented upon, is nonetheless quite interesting as it discusses an obscure, problematic, but nonetheless viable and certainly interesting way to put a few thousand extra dollars in your pocket. The topic: mortgage churning, the practice … Continue reading

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