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A new blog, a new Citi trick, a new 2% card, and the dark side of prepaid debit cards

NEW BLOG: A poster on Fatwallet Finance just left a 9-5 finance job for a job as a traveling circus accountant. It’s an unusual career niche, and he’s started a blog about his adventures called Working for Peanuts, so why … Continue reading

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The Federal Reserve just made things easier for credit card fanboys and credit card thieves

Some of you may have already read about this on Flyertalk or Million Mile Secrets, but it’s now possible to get a PIN for prepaid gift cards. Let’s get the obvious implications out of the way first: it’s now easier to churn your … Continue reading

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The Super Awesome Budget method is more frugal than your budget method–guaranteed

Via the Consumerist, we found an interesting article in Financial Ramblings about consumer spending psychology. The pith: According to a recent study in the Journal of Consumer Research, consumers tend to spend more with worn bills as compared to crisp, … Continue reading

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More prepaid debit card stuff, and how to live well on $14K per year

ACTUALLY, THEY’RE WORTH BOTHERING WITH FOR MANY PEOPLE: Over on, Scott Gamm, proprietor of Help Save My Dollars, has an article called “Don’t Bother With Prepaid Debit Cards“. It’s a well-intentioned but misguided piece that deserves some commentary. Quoth … Continue reading

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